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About Us

Emami Paper enjoys operating efficiencies which has been further enhanced on successful commissioning of its New paper Machine.

It manufactures newsprint from waste paper, which is not just environment-friendly but will increasingly insulate the Company from a growing scarcity in virgin fibre, a major concern among India's paper players.

There is a relatively lower need to invest significantly in countering effluent discharges, making the business profitable and sustainable.

It has invested reasonably for environmental protection for the waste-paper based industry, making the business profitable as well as sustainable.

As a result, even at a nil rate of customs duty on newsprint Emami Paper will be able to thrive amidst international and national competition, leading to profitably sustainable growth over the coming years.


With a billion in population, India is the largest democracy in the world. With over 22,000 newspapers, of which 1800 are dailies, its media market is the second largest in the world.

The symbiotic relationship between the access to information and the freedom of choice has not only established the robustness of India's democracy, It has made domestic newsprint manufacturers integral to the country's democratic process.

At Emami Paper, one of the five largest newsprint manufacturers, we are playing a responsible role.

  • By increasing our installed capacity in line with a growing national appetite.
  • By widening our product range to accommodate evolving consumer needs.
  • By pricing our product affordably so that our customers can widen their readership and entrench the democratic tradition deeper.
  • By ensuring on-time delivery to our clients, for whom timely newspaper delivery is critical to success.

These factors make us a significant player in Eastern India, servicing consistently the needs of some of India's largest publishing houses.