Range of Products

The Company has three principal products:
1. Newsprint
Area of Application:

Demand Drivers:
Growing Economy
Growing Circulation and Readership
Growing Advertisement income for the print media 

Principal Customers:
Leading Newspaper Establishments

At Emami Paper, we assist our customers in capturing the attention of their consumers through the delivery of first-rate quality newsprint reflected in the following features:
Brightness and Opacity: Maintained around 60 ISO for brightness and around 95 ISO for opacity.

Good strength properties of breaking length and tear maintained for high speed printing without any web breakage.

Good printability and correct ink absorption qualities maintained by blending the right raw material with mechanical and chemical fibre.

Excellent appearance of the paper after printing due to its brightness, shade and printed quality.

2. Writing and Printing Paper
White Creamwove 
Ledger Paper

Area of Application:
Exercise Notebooks 
Printing of Text Books, Question Sheets, Khatas, Registers /Ledger books and other material

Demand Drivers:
Increasing Government Spends on Education
Growing thrust on literacy
Increasing Corporate Activity 

Principal Customers:
Government Presses 
Notebook Manufacturers in Kolkata, New Delhi, Orissa, Ranchi and Raipur

3. Multi Layer Coated Board
Emami Maxofold 
Emami Glamkot 
Emami Eco Strong 
Grey Board.

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