Social Commitments



The company has formulated the policy for development and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility as also required under Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013.

Further, the information pursuant to Section 134(3)(o) of the Companies Act, 2013 and Rule 9 of the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rules, 2014 are given in Annexure III outlining the main initiatives during the year under review.


  • Emami Paper Mills Limited through its CSR activities takes up programs that benefit the communities in & around its place of work and ensure over a period of time, enhancement in the quality of life &economic well‐being of the local people and thereby establishing its presence as a good corporate citizen.

  • Eradication of Hunger, Poverty and Mal Nutrition:

  • The company, as a part of its CSR activities promotes eradication of hunger and Malnutrition from the local community. Nearly 400 mouths are fed every day on this account. The Company monitors the Body Mass Index (BMI) of children of the locality and detects cases of mal-nutrition. Such children are supplemented with protein enriched food supplement three times a week. Nearly 250 children are benefited on this account. Clothes are also provided to poverty sicken orphan children of the locality.

  • Promotion of Preventive Health Care :

  • A dedicated team of doctors and para-medical staff provide door to door preventive health service to the local community. Along with this mobile health service is available at 12 locations twice a week. During the year under reference 7269 patients have been provided elementary healthcare through the mobile health unit. Regular medical advice along with medicines under traditional system of medicine is also provided at ten locations. During 2015-16, 23,270 patients were benefited under this scheme. In addition to the regular clinics, 18 special combined homeopathic and ayurvedic camps were conducted during the year.

  • During the year, the company supported the local govt. PHCs (Public Health Centre) in upgrading their labor room, indoor patient wards and sitting arrangements for the out-patient department. Regular medicines are being provided to Mitrapur Swasthya Seva Kendra for free distribution. On the recommendation of doctors, company also supports poor and needy patients for seeking expert medical advice. 35 patients were benefited under this scheme during the year.

  • Sanitation and Provision for Safe Drinking Water Realizing the fact that safe drinking water is the key for preventive healthcare, the company provides running water supply to 120 households of Rasulpur village and has commissioned 22 new tube wells to the already 185 community water points in the area over the last five years.

  • Promoting Education and Vocational Skills:

  • Initiatives under promotion of education encompass five broad activities namely, Infrastructural support to local educational institutions, scholarship support to the poor and meritorious, free distribution of exercise notebooks, community teacher program and capacity building of the tribal children through ‘Bal Vikas’ program.

  • Based on the survey of local schools, the company supports educational institutions in developing their infrastructure by making provisions for classroom furniture, fans, lights and toilet. During the year 530 pairs of desk cum bench has been provided to 16 institutions to accommodate the growing student enrollment. To develop proper sanitation and hygiene in the educational institutions, the company has constructed toilets with running water supply in ten local institutions.

  • Scholarship program was initiated by the company in the year 2013-14, which is growing wider by the year. During 2015-16, 330 top scorers from 71 institutions have been provided with a scholarship ranging between Rs.500 to Rs.5000. Along with this, 95 number of workers’ children were also supported for pursuing higher studies.

  • Free distribution of exercise notebooks to students took a quantum jump in comparison to the previous year. In 2015-16, 71,433 exercise books were distributed to 89 institutions.

  • The Bal Vikas program aims at increasing school enrollment and reducing dropout particularly among the tribal communities of the area. This is done by capacity building of the children through a locally appointed teacher (Bal Vikas Guru) who provides the much needed educational support to the first generation learners. During 2015-16 the company operated ten BalVikas centers with an enrolled strength of 239 children. Such initiative has resulted in substantial increase in school enrollment and improvement in quality of primary education.

  • Ensuring Environmental Sustainability and Animal welfare:

  • The company has undertaken bulk plantation on 2.5 acres of land at Baniagaon where 2500 seedlings were planted. Along with this, 5,690 peripheral plantations were undertaken around the factory site on 6.3 acres of land. The Company had also distributed 1,745 horticultural plants to 348 households for their own backyard plantation. The plantation team had also undertaken plantation activities in 9 educational institutions where 1,817 plantations were conducted with the help of students.

  • As a concern for the animals, the company provides shelter, food and required medical care to 132 abandoned cattle in an exclusively made animal shelter.

  • Protection of Art and Culture and restoration of sites of Historical Importance:

  • The Company during the year had taken initiative to restore place of cultural importance at Nuapadhi village under Remuna block. The company also supported in the construction of Sri Ranga Charan Kala Ashram, Remuna and a Yoga centre at Udumber under Mandarpur panchayat. As a mark of respect to the people’s President who had spent a significant period of his life in Balasore, the company supported local administration in erecting a statute in his honour at Chandipur.

  • Rural Infrastructure:

  • During the year under reference, the company has invested its resources in creation of lasting rural infrastructure. Community centers were erected at Rasalpur. The company took initiative in installing 17 street lights in Rasalpur and Patripal gram Panchayats. A creche by the company was constructed at Balasore during the year.

  • Summing up :

  • The company takes pride for its sense of responsibility towards the community and environment and the way it is duty bound for enrichment of the life of less privileged people and protection of the environment around its area of operation. The company has taken its social responsibility as a part of its operating policy and gearing its social activities to promote inclusive and sustained growth.


  • It is a matter of great pride that Company’s endeavor and commitment to achieve higher level of operational performance and environmental excellence has been recognized at various forums. Company has earned number of awards and honors as mentioned below:

  • 5th Annual Greentech CSR Award, 2015 (Gold Award) in Paper Sector for outstanding achievement in Corporate Social Responsibility by Greentech Foundation for effort by Company to serve the community as a good corporate citizen.

  • Odisha State Energy Conservation Award – 2015” - ‘Award of Appreciation’ from the Ministry of Power – Department of Energy, Government of Odisha.

  • Utkal Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Bhubaneswar, Odisha recognized the company for outstanding contribution in the field of Large Scale Industry sector of Odisha.

  • Greentech Environment Award 2014 (Gold Category) in the paper sector for the efforts made in environmental protection.

  • Kalinga Safety Award by Odisha State Safety Conclave 2014 for the strides made in the areas of safety management.

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